JoJoHugg Blanket

These are handmade blankets that provide the ability to hold and hug your precious one with fewer restrictions than a conventional four corner blanket.  The jojohugg folds in a “pocket” design which leaves nothing hanging/dangling or not contained to cause obstruction.   Just unbutton, unfold, place the baby in, button, tuck in the “huggs” and then you hug!

They are made with cotton and cotton blend fabric; prewashed.   Fun, cheerful and colorful designs are available with bright buttons and various stitch designs.

Each jojohugg can be embroidered with the child first name.  No extra charge!  

The come in two sizes:

1 to 3 pounds

4 to 8 pounds

Price: $12.00
Product Image
Size: 1lb to 3lbs